Hôtel Le Chabichou
Sothys Spa

Le Chabichou, Spa Hotel Courchevel

Spanning 1100 m2, the 5-star hotel Le Chabichou’s spa is dedicated to your well-being and relaxation.

This vast space boasts a range of facilities and a soothing atmosphere: treat yourself after a day on Courchevel’s slopes, a wonderful afternoon of snowshoeing or just because you feel like it.

Whether you’re staying at the spa hotel or visiting Courchevel, Le Chabichou’s spa promises the ultimate relaxation on a wintry day.

Hôtel Le Chabichou
The biggest spa in Courchevel

On your own, as a couple or as a mother-daughter duo, whether you’re in the mood for a massage or another treatment...

Discover all the wellness experiences Le Chabichou has to offer in Courchevel: Wellness area - Sothys Spa - Gym.

Hôtel Le Chabichou
Hôtel Le Chabichou

Wellness Area, exclusive facilities

Take advantage of your stay at our 5-star spa hotel to treat yourself to an incredible sensory experience in our Wellness Area. Enjoy absolute relaxation: time stops as you pamper yourself. Simply wonderful.

To relax your mind and body:
  • Heated indoor pool : When it’s cold outside, there’s nothing more pleasurable than swimming in water heated to the ideal temperature! Let a feeling of zen wash over you in the depths of winter in the Alps.
  • Steam room : You’ll be delighted by the restorative and detoxifying effects of the humid heat (45°C) and eucalyptus oils.
  • Sauna : The dry heat (80°C) has a thoroughly relaxing effect. Tense muscles are relieved and your body is soothed.
  • Invigorating ice fountain : After relaxing in the heat of the sauna or steam room, rub yourself with ice to stimulate your lymphatic system and boost your immune system.
  • Fitness room : to train or keep in shape every day 24 hours a day. Open every day 24 hours a day 
  • Hydrodynamic and sensory pools : Experience new sensations in the water with the musical pool, the walking zone and more.
  • Salt room : Invigorate your body and mind as you breathe in the salty air; it’s excellent for your respiratory system.
  • Ice bath : Spending a few minutes in very cold water is great for your metabolism and your body.
  • Sensory shower : Mist jets, lighting effects, alternating hot and cold water, background music and more: be transported by the multi-sensory effects of our sensory shower.
  • Walking zone : Ideal for toning your legs as you walk against the current in our heated indoor pool.

Discover the Sothys Spa’s wide range of treatments

The spa has 7 incredibly cosy treatment rooms: enjoy the Sothys wellness experience on your own or with someone else.

Le Chabichou has chosen the cosmetics brand Sothys for its massages and treatments. World-renowned for its expertise and quality products, Sothys offers a range of treatments, whatever you need and whatever you’re in the mood for.

Close your eyes and enjoy every second in the privacy of your treatment room.

Hôtel Le Chabichou
Treatments for children

Because there’s no age limit when it comes to relaxation and pampering, younger guests at Le Chabichou’s spa can enjoy treatments featuring the Nougatine product range. Specialising in natural cosmetics for children, the brand provides dedicated skincare for little ones.

To ensure that your stay is even more enjoyable, the spa hotel Le Chabichou also has a hair salon and a fully equipped gym which is open 24 hours a day.

Opening hours:
  • The Spa is open from 10 am to 9 pm.
  • For children: from 10 am to 12 pm and from 3 pm to 5 pm.
Hôtel Le Chabichou